During Winter and some early Spring shipments, some of the plant materials in this shipment are DORMANT.
This means that even though they have no green top growth, they will grow from dormant buds when temperatures are right. For many perennials, This 'rest period' is ESSENTIAL to good flowering performance in the upcoming season. During Summer/Winter months shipping might be delayed as we only will be shipping on days that we know it wonít harm the plant(s). Monday through Thursday

Burgundy Rubber Tree Plant - Ficus elastica

Burgundy Rubber Tree Plant - Ficus elastica
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Product Description

Easy to grow house plant Great for the house, apartment, office or dorm Provide bright, indirect or artificial light Trim as needed The plant you will receive is growing in a 6" pot.

Ficus elastica is the classic Rubber Tree, Rubber Plant or India Rubber Plant. Native to India and Malaysia, elastica is among the oldest plants used as houseplants worldwide. As a houseplant, Ficus is very popular. Able to adapt to and endure lower light conditions and generally poor treatment, The Rubber Tree is a winner indoors. Provide as much light as possible, keep away from cold and drafts in winter, keep soil lightly to moderately moist with good drainage. Most any soil will be fine and largely sandy soils mixed with some organics are ideal. Light fertilization is best.

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