During Winter and some early Spring shipments. Some of the plant materials in this shipment are DORMANT. Which means that even thought they have no green top growth, they will grow from dormant buds when temperatures are right. For many perennials, This 'rest period' is ESSENTIAL to good flowering performance in the upcoming season. During Summer/Winter months shipping might be delayed as we only will be shipping on days that we know it wonít harm the plant(s). Monday through Wednesday.

Due to COVID-19, We are working with limited staff, and orders may be delayed an extra week. We are working as quickly as possible to ensure your items arrive in a timely manner.

We have added another method for our customers to reach us with your questions, Need help we're just a text away. TEXT (864)-523-7151. We always here to answer your questions.
Welcome to Bulbsnblooms we are a nursery based in the wonderful state of Pennsylvania.

Our contact information

By Standard Mail
P.O. Box 609
Biglerville PA 17307

Open Daily 9-5, Closed Weekends
Text us: (864)-523-7151
Email: Send Email

TEXT: 864-523-7151 if you have a question. We can answer texts message a lot quicker along with emails, Please remember we are on the East Coast, Use the popup widget on the lower right side of your screen.


If you ever saw me trying to clean off my hands and get to the phone before it goes to voicemail and then plays a game of phone tag with multiple customers, you would understand why we gave up on phone calls years ago. For the sake of accuracy [and our own sanity when working 70 hr weeks], we decided the phone was not worth it. We are not a large corporation and donít have an expensive phone system or a secretary. If ordering online gives you the creeps, then please contact us via Send Email above to arrange your order and payment.

Due to COVID-19, We are working with limited staff and orders may be delayed an extra week. We are working as quickly as possible to ensure your items arrive in a timely manner.

Many of our perennials, vines, trees, and shrubs are shipped dormant in the late fall and winter. Dormant plants drop their leaves and some may even die back to the soil level. This is in no way adversely affects the health of the plant. For many perennials, This 'rest period' is ESSENTIAL to good flowering performance in the upcoming season.

Shipping Information:

BulbsnBlooms guarantees our plants to arrive at their new homes in good and healthy condition. Problems with the condition of an order must be reported promptly and accompanied by a photograph within 24 hours of arrival. Failure to notify us promptly and/or provide verification voids this warranty. If plants are severely damaged in transit, we will, at our discretion, promptly and courteously either replace the merchandise or refund the purchase price.

We are not responsible for damaged shipments when the cause is an undeliverable address, or the failure of the Buyer to promptly pick up and claim the package.

Due to many factors that affect whether live plants ultimately grow and thrive, we are not able to offer extended or long term guarantees as to the fitness of the plant for any particular purpose, or that it will live and grow in any particular location or under any particular conditions.

Bulbsnblooms guarantees, to the extent required by law, that plants are the species and cultivar described in the listing, within recognized industry tolerances.

No other or further warranty is expressed or implied. Purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy shall be a refund of the purchase price. Under no circumstances shall the Seller be liable for damages in excess of the purchase price, or for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages.

During June through August shipping could be delayed due to the increase in temperature. We only will be shipping ground shipments on days that limit the time the shipment could be sitting undeliverable by USPS, FedEx, or UPS. Other forms of shipping such as priority, the next day, and overnight will not be affected. Days that ground shipping will be sent are Monday through Wednesday. If a customer request ground shipping on other days they assume responsibility. If shipping is delayed due to temperature, an email will be sent to inform of the delay and when to expect the item to be shipped. Placement of the order and acceptance of the merchandise shall constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Canceling, Changing, or returning an order

Canceling or Changing your order is not an option available through the Web site at this time. However, you can either send us an email letting us know the confirmation web order number or the order number you were assigned when we confirmed your order in email with the assigned shipping week and what changes you would like to make. We will try to accommodate your changes if possible. Please be aware that as we get closer to your shipping time it may not be possible to make changes to your order.

We do understand that sometimes orders must be canceled. Orders not yet charged may be canceled without incurring any fees.

If an order has already been charged, we will cancel the order at your request. However, a 10% cancellation fee (with a minimum $5.00 charge) will be applied. Our credit card processor charges us 3% when we charge your card and another 3% when we refund your card as well as transaction fees.

Orders canceled after being prepped or returned orders may also be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Returning an order:

Any order that has shipped may be immediately returned at the customersí expense. Please notify us that you have just received your order and will be returning it. Shipping charges cannot be refunded as carriers have already been paid. Returned orders may be subject to refund (see above) and restocking fees. Plants must be returned to us in the same condition in which they were shipped to the customer.

Our contact information Business email address: Send Email

By Standard Mail BulbsnBlooms P.O. Box 609 Biglerville PA 17307

TEXT: (864)-523-7151 if you have a question, We can respond to texts and emails quickly during our busy time. Photos that are required for merchandise return or credit can be emailed to Send Email

Emails are usually answered quicker than phone calls, especially during the Spring & Fall Planting seasons. Purchaser is responsible to check that plant they are purchasing is able to survive in the zone area where the plant is will be planted. If unsure please check the zone map before placing the order.

** NO refunds will be issued for shipping and handling on any orders. **