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Product Description

Algerian Ivy, Hedera algeriensis has outstanding, bright, glossy green leaves and smooth, deep red leaf stalks. The three-lobed leaves are long and heart-shaped. Algerian Ivy is very easy to grow and maintain with the right conditions. It will flourish in most garden soils, including heavy clay, but prefers well-drained fertile soils that are not too alkaline and do not stay constantly soggy or wet. Any time of year you can trim to shape when growth gets excessive and tie in to encourage climbing up trellises. It will survive heavy shade or full sun, however prefers some afternoon shade in hotter climates. Though it will grow in Zone 7 the foliage can be damaged if temperatures drop below 15 degrees F. Algerian Ivy is great for growing as an evergreen groundcover in small or large landscape beds or to climb or cascade over walls or trellis, where it can provide an attractive all year foliage cover. It will climb tree trunks but we suggest not allowing it to grow up a trunk any further than you can maintain it. It is most commonly used as a ground cover in warm climates, where the lush leaves steal the show underneath trees or growing up their trunks. When making a choice between Algerian and English Ivy, bear in mind the Algerian type grows more rapidly and becomes established a good bit faster. Algerian Ivy can be used indoors as a houseplant. If you're looking for an attractive groundcover with year round interest Algerian Ivy is hard to beat for the ornamental value this fast spreading plant offers! Algerian Ivy also makes an excellent indoor plant. Indoors it prefers morning sun or very, bright, indirect light. Keep evenly moist, not wet or dry. Trim as needed Hardy in zones 7-10 or indoors Prefers bright, indirect light Water thoroughly when on the dry side Trim as needed Immediate shipping Green Algerian Ivy - Hedera algeriensis - 4" Pot - Indoors or Out

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