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Japanese Red Maple Tree

Japanese Red Maple Tree
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The Botanical name for a Maple tree is Acer. The botanical name for a Japanese Maple tree is Acer Palmatum. The botanical name for a Japanese Red Maple tree is Acer Palmatum atropurpureum out door plants. They grow to 20 feet-25 feet high with a 20 feet-25 feet spread. these do best in sun to sun/partial shade. These make great gifts. Gift Ideas: House Warming Gift! Wedding Present! (The Beauty of this tree will always remind them of that special day!) Anniversary gift! Great gift for first dates! The List goes On And On! As you can see, Japanese Red Maple's are beautiful!

Please note depending on how you select shipping your order will arrive within 1-10 days.

Picture is for example only. We are shipping seedlings currently 6-12 inches at the time of shipment.

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Please note depending on how you select shipping your order will arrive within 1-10 days.

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