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Mole Plant - AMAZING - REPELS MOLES - Euphorbia - 2 inch pot

Mole Plant - AMAZING - REPELS MOLES - Euphorbia - 2 inch pot
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Product Description

Control moles, naturally Self-seeds Hardy in zones 4-10 Easy to grow 2 inch pot

.Euphorbia lathyris is also known as the 'Mole Plant' because of its reputation for deterring the activity of this creature, the dreaded mole. The Mole plant is native to the Mediterranean areas, and has also been introduced into the USA. The seeds have in the past been used for medicinal purposes and for the production of lamp oil. Recently, Nobel Laureate Melvin Calvin has suggested that the mole plant could be the "petroleum plant", producing a hydrocarbon substance very much like gasoline. Calvin states that the hydrocarbon produced by the plant could probably be used directly in existing refineries. The Mole Plant grows about 2 feet tall and is very easy to grow. If prefers sun or part-sun. It can be mixed into the flower beds to repel moles but is even attractive on it's own. Hardy in zones 4-10.

All parts of the plant are poison.

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