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Okame Cherry Tree

Okame Cherry Tree
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The Okame Cherry tree, Prunus Okame, is one of the earliest of the flowering cherries. Its carmine-pink petals, with rose-red calyx and reddish flower stalks, open fully before leaf break. It has a very consistent year-to-year blooming habit. The rosy red buds are attractive before flower break and the overall floral effect lasts 2 to 3 weeks. At maturity,  Okame Cherry trees will attain 20-30' in height with a similar spread. The young trees display a broad-columnar habit; older trees develop a more rounded habit. Fruits are small, and not ornamentally important. This deciduous tree has an attractive dark red-orange fall color. Shiny reddish brown bark is also very attractive.

Rate of growth is medium-fast, especially when young, so expect 1-2' or more per year. Prunus.  Okame does best in moist, well-drained soil, but will adapt to a variety of soils as long as they are not wet. It is pH adaptable. Locate it in full sun or light shade. It makes a fine specimen tree and should be sited where it can be easily seen in late winter/early spring. Flowering is its main feature, yet the  Okame can be considered an all seasons plant with its attractive bark and fall color. Excellent heat and cold tolerance.

Fall Color: Bronzy red to orange Flower Color: rosy pink Mature Height: 15-30 Mature Spread: 20-30 Growth Rate: moderate Foliage Color: Green Zones: 6-9 Sun Exposure: Full un-Partial Sun. Ships: Bare Root 6-18''

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