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Pencil Cactus - Euphorbia - Easy to grow/Hard to kill! - 4" Pot

Pencil Cactus - Euphorbia - Easy to grow/Hard to kill! - 4" Pot
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CACTUS: Cactus, the common name for a family of desert plants. The plural is cacti or cactuses. Most species bear sharp, needlelike spines, which protect the plants from foraging desert animals. Cacti are famed for their ability to resist drought, which they owe to the fact that moisture from inside the plant evaporates very slowly through the plant's skin. Cacti grow in hundreds of different shapes. The fibrous, juicy stems may be globular, cylindrical, branched, trailing and vinelike, ribbed, grooved, or knob-bearing. Only two species have true leaves. The rest of the 2,000 species are leafless. Common name: "Pencil Cactus" or "Milk Bush". Latin name: Euphorbia tirucalli Native to: Tropical South and East Africa. Growth habit: A woody, columnar upright bush. This plant can grow as tall as it's interior environment allows. Temps: Normal indoor temperatures. Cultural information: "Pencil Cactus" are a bizarre looking plant who's sap is poisonous. "Pencil Cactus" are quite easy to grow if placed in direct sunshine or very bright indirect light. Water sparingly maybe twice a month... allowing most of the soil mass to dry out. Feed monthly, spring through fall. When your plant becomes to tall, cut it back to the desired height. Wear gloves and a long sleeve shirt when pruning "Pencil Cactus". The sap may cause skin irritation. Be careful not to get the sap in your eyes.

Native to: Tropical South and East Africa Immediate shipping Prefers sun Water when dry Proper name: Euphorbia tirucalli

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