During Winter and some early Spring shipments, some of the plant materials in this shipment are DORMANT.
This means that even though they have no green top growth, they will grow from dormant buds when temperatures are right. For many perennials, This 'rest period' is ESSENTIAL to good flowering performance in the upcoming season. During Summer/Winter months shipping might be delayed as we only will be shipping on days that we know it wonít harm the plant(s). Monday through Thursday

Talant Treasure Flower Gazania 20 Seeds - Annual

Talant Treasure Flower Gazania 20 Seeds - Annual
Item# talant-treasure-flower-gazania-20-seeds--annu20
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Product Description

This very attractive mixture of The Treasure Flower has delicately cut, silvery-white foliage which makes the plant a pleasure to see, even out of flower. The bright blooms, opening in the sun, come in a range of colors from creams and yellows, to oranges, reds, and mauves, and are borne on short stems, making them excellent for windy sites. They make refreshingly different plants for bedding and border edging. Recommended. Flower summer. Hgt. 20cm (8in).

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