During Winter and some early Spring shipments, some of the plant materials in this shipment are DORMANT.
This means that even though they have no green top growth, they will grow from dormant buds when temperatures are right. For many perennials, This 'rest period' is ESSENTIAL to good flowering performance in the upcoming season. During Summer/Winter months shipping might be delayed as we only will be shipping on days that we know it wonít harm the plant(s). Monday through Thursday

Wild Grape Vines

Wild Grape Vines
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Grape VinesZone 2-9 Mature Height: 15-20 ft. Mature Width: 20-24 inches Growth/Year: 2-3 ft. Sunlight: Full Sun Soil Conditions: Moist well-drained.

Other common names: fox grape northern fox grape plum grape northern muscadine swamp grape wild vine riverbank grape Mature Height: climbing Soil / Climate: Wild grape will grow well in shady areas but for maximum fruit yields prefers sun. Wild grape is quite hardy though intermittent frosts can reduce fruit yields. Notes: Leaves are heart shaped and 2 to 9 inches long. Fruit is dark blue to black in color and 5/16 to 1/2 inch in diameter. Wildlife: A wide range of birds rely upon wild grape for nesting and cover and even more utilize its fruit for food throughout the fall months.

Currently shipping in 4'' pots.

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